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In this short space we would like to inform you about our company – productive assets, commerce and highly qualified in the pyrotechnic sector, fireworks and special effects.
the Pyrotechny of Lazio was created in 1981 and already qualified to function in the pyrotechnical sector in every aspect. The specialisation of our company consists of programming and performing pyrotechnical demostrations to all intents and purposes of scenographical and visual effects respecting the conditions of where these pyrotechnic demostrations take place.
We provide ready to use eqipment rafts for water demostrations, amplification for pyromusical, computers and control units for the auditing of fireworks in both pyrotechnical demostrations, synchronized or pyromusicals with radio control units for the auditing of fireworks in both pyrothecnical demonstrations, synchronizedor pyromusicals with radio control or cable broadcasting; we also provide tickens for pyrotechnical writings, artificial snow, soap bubbles, confetti, laser and flames – all this to offer you a large variety of pyrotechnical fantasties that adapt to all types of ceremonies.

We fulfil all do it yourself pyrotechnical demonstrations on request adequate places for business establishments, pyrotechnical material for internal locations, smoke-free